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About Us

Nick, our founder, grew up as a very philanthropic person as well as a very ambitious person. His college essay was based on his goal in life, which is to help make people’s lives more efficient and effective every day! During his time in college, he was very involved with my fraternity and the community around impacting great causes. Upon, graduation he was fortunate enough to have the opportunities to continue the great work he had done in college. In 2019, Nick had partnered with the school to build a scholarship for his fraternity and in one night was about to raise over $2500. The following year, Nick had yet another opportunity to help but this time it was during COVID for a food pantry on campus to help students. This time around he was able to raise over $6,000 in food donations during the week of thanksgiving. A few months later Nick was approached about helping during his alma maters annual giving period. This time however he was recruited some help from fellow alumni. The call to action was received very well, the team was able to continue to make an impact on the school! However, Nick realized that during this time the team was explaining the ideas as, “I am helping Nick make an impact in these areas.” Nick had never intended for the team to phrase it that way and in that moment had decided that any community work going forward would be without his name directly attached to it. So, Nick had spent the next few months coming up with what is now One Chaptr. An organization that is based on the 9 pillars Nick feels best describe him and the people he surrounds himself with. Today, One Chaptr is a brand and a community. A community of liked minded people that want to partner to grow. Fitting, finding, and working with the right people for the right solutions, roles, and projects. But also, a brand that has many facets and many more to come in the upcoming years.

Our Mission
One Chaptr is an organization founded upon helping others through increasing efficiency and effectiveness in your daily life. We believe that success is earned rather than given therefore, One Chaptr is relentlessly devoted to helping others reach their goals by finding opportunities, strengthening communication and adaptability, all while building a community of those with common goals.
One Chaptr is a home-grown organization that holds nine core values:
Be OPPORTUNISTIC, use NETWORKING to its greatest advantage, EARN what you receive without expectation, focus on CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT, bear in mind HUMAN VALUES, accept and ADAPT swiftly to change, be PRAGMATIC, embrace a willingness to come TOGETHER and remain RELENTLESS

As an organization, we feel a deep sense of loyalty to all those with whom we work with and serve. Together we can formulate a shared vision, build on common goals, and inspire one another. We will work alongside you to ensure continual development on the road to success. Whether you are involved in bettering the community or building your own business and are looking for partnerships, One Chaptr will provide the resources you need to succeed.

Help us help you get to where you’re going.



Nicholas Sulak